Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The end has come!

No I havent done by conkers and decided to prematurley end my life. The end has come for this blog. 2mor I leave for Chicago for a 1 month on a non poker holiday. Traveling from Chicago to NY hittin 5 of the top 10 party towns in America. When I return to Ireland will start another blog but it will be hosted on my co-owned site with some of my fellow creeps, bloggin on it too but thats for another day.
As you might see from the last entry someone got in to my blog. If anyone has it or knows how to get it could they send it on to me, sounded like it was funny stuff.
Havnt played the last few days just been chilling out, pretending I am on a j1. Hanging out with aload of Galway ppl. I can safely say if I wasnt from the southside of Dublin and had to choose somewhere else in Ireland to be from it would b Galway. Unlike Cork ppl there not horrible inbreed animals who suffer vicously from 2nd city syndrome (I do exclude my main man caoimbh down there in C4(aka rochestown) who by the way is my tip for the Macau festival) or arent like Limerick ppl who are basically the only ppl in Ireland below northsiders. Galwiegns are a lovely bunch and nearly get loike in to sentence as much as me. Now that were all best mates they were telling me they taught I was a bit of an arrogant prick at first. Bit harsh, or so I taught.When I taught about it I did genuienly think I was better than them as I do most ppl when being introduced. Dont have a dictionary handy but thats prob close enuf to a defintion of arrogance.

So here we are 7/12 of the way true the year and in poker terms I have exceeded my own personel expectation of what I hoped to achieve. Nothing drastic beyond expectations but I did set ambitious goals so to be ahead of them is quite good. My game has improved and quiting the job has certainly been a good decesion so far. Getting up 2 o clock to nockin about the pool in Cali is definitley more fun than wakin up at 7.30 a.m and lookin foward to a days work in the cracker factory(kpmg) with the grinders. The result in the wsop was defo the highlight of the years so far and I am hungry for another big tourney result/results. I hope to play 3/4 bigs one before christmas. I am lookin forward to a month chillin with full on hardcore normies and gettin bac and really rippin bac in to the poker.(I doubt a week has gone by in the 3 years where I havnt played poker so I know a breaks means only playen 5/10 hours a week, 2bh I rather die now than not play for a whole week, thats like 168 hrs) I hav a few things in the pipelines regarding poker and hope to get them sorted on my return to Ireland so exciting times ahead.
Ty to all who read the blog really enjoyed doin it and did help my game.
so wp,nh, gg,tyll,lol,gl

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Basic Internet Security

I must remember not to leave myself logged in on Blogger.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Same old same old

I am sure this is gettin as boring for you to read as it is for me to write, but anyway. Came in last night slightly pissed and I spun 3.5k up into $23.5k odd. Did put a few beats on ppl but sure thats poker....... Really starting to think I shouldnt be playen unless I hav 2 bottles of vodka(1 in me and the other cocked and ready to go)Ended up gettin $35k profit for the week which eats nicely in to my $80k losses of last month. Drunk play now accounts for over 33% of my profit for the year. I am not quite sure how to interupt this.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'll flip you for it

Rory's girl friend and some of here mates arrived in the commerce last night. They wanted to go out in Hollywood. Got an hour in on the threadmill before we headed out, which I was very happy with. Had a plan to take it easy on the booze. The girls wanted to go to a night club that the lads in the TV program "The Hills" go to. We get there and theres like no fricking hope of 8 of us gettin in. I had feeling a quick $20 bribe wasnt goin work here. Anyway so I am there creepin at the back of the heard spying on the redic hot burds goin in when were usherd in. Word filters back that we bought a table for $xxx. Wtf that amount to get in to a night club. We got 2 bottles of vodka aswel with it. I decided I was goin get my moneys worth. Next thing I know I am back in the hotel room deciding I am goin giv the tables a spin. Get in to a 10/20 with $3k and am up to $3,500. I am talken the best game in the world and recking every one's head. When the local chinese pro goes,
China man "You think your a hot shot"
dagunman "obv"
China man "what u got in front of u"
dagunman "3,500"
China man "i flick you for it"
dagunman I was like ah bollix I am found out know, ah fuck it sure will giv him a spin
So we run a holdem hand blind for $3,500 each! Flop aq742, I look down j5. I announced u got me j hi, he goes j hi aswel, i tell him ya got me so I hav 2nd nut low jack. Hes starts goin mad just the j3 for me. I start goin nuts doin the whole hevad khan monkey dance. When a man is down u gotta kick him again so I offer to go double or quits knowing theres no way he could. Then start hammerin with abuse and demanding that he refers to me as hot shot. I am now in full swing screaming abuse at every one at the table. I am hittin cards aswel so am up to $17k before ya know it. I am binning chips like a mother fucker. Have $9k back in my pocket on the sly.
Eventually they cop on and are like you have taken about $3k off the table.
"Oh ur not allowed do that,you are in Ireland, I taught you could do it here, I am such a spa sorry lads" "Well then put it bac on". "tbh lads it is more like $9k and its not goin bac on the table and if you hav a problem I'll leave the game with all your money". Eventually get out of the game winnin $11k which puts me up $9k for the commerce.
On a serious note I try my balls off for 2 days trying to grind profit. Then arrived pissed and scoop the loot. No juatice in life.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Commerce casino rocking my world

The title was meant quite literally. We had an earthquake here yesterday. She gave us a half decent rattle. It was actually very enjoyable as I was still in bed. It was a 5.8 on the wrister scale, would have liked to got in to the 6's, mayb even a small 7. Commerce casino is in Inglewood so would of had a gud view of looting if any of the lads decide to kicked off, but wasnt to be. On the poker front played 4 sessions in the commerce and am down $2,400. Games r soft but I ain't makin hands. Been down $2,400 isnt too bad as am playen 10/20 blinds. Games are good enuf but not as soft as I hoped. Chub played a 15/16 hr session yesterday. He was in a 5/10 max buyin $400 game for 6 buyins ($2,400) and was down to $150, eventually got it all back.
Eoghan O' Dea made it through his heat in the poker million. We spent a week in the hotel room in santa b telling him how he was goin b an embrassment on TV. That Tony G was goin shread him and how embrassing it would b to be beaten by girl. However he walloped the lot of them out the poker and hes in the Ladbrooks poker million semi final.
Also a gud lol ran in to 2 irish guy's in the poker room in Commerce.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Not makin happy readin

Basically finished playing on line til my return to Ireland which is the 8 th of September. Off to the Commerce Casino in LA tomorrow where I'll try grind out some profit for the next 10 days r so. Then I leave for Chicago where I am hooking up with a few normies for a poker free holiday. I think I won $70k in vegas as a result of my result(was up $100k after it). Just lookin over my online figures now and by golly I did my stones online for the holiday. My records while not 100% accurate indicate I did between $45/$50k online for the trip. Still winnin $20k which is ok/fair but I have done $75/$80k in the last month and a half. Kinda scary when I think, fuck I have just dropped $80k and this is the first time I taught fuck theres sumtin wrong with that. Or is there? Poker is a game where variance plays a massive factor and you basically have to embrace it. For sure there is a few spots where I could have avoided loosin some of the $80k,but hey you live and learn.On the flip side theres plenty of spots where I would have went I shouldnt have played that game if I lost but I won so its all gud. No point in using hind sight to beat your self up. But I am on a truly awful run, where I just put my money in and wait for my enemy to hit(I am on a scary run of floppin da nuts). All in all I am reasonably happy with where I am for the year.

Lol was just goin through my accounts(keep a book with weekly figures, year figure toataled and finally a note which will contain my taughts on my games progress, leaks i need to address, things I do right, things I do bad etc) on the 22nd of june I had reached my yearly target. A note with some nice back slapping and basically how evertin was rosey in the garden and that world domination was max a year away but we could be running things by Christmas. Now the 28 th of july and $80k less and I am not allowed to wear a belt or shoe laces, have to eat my dinner with a plastic spoon and am not allowed in any 2nd floor room with a window.Oh wat a difference a month makes.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Running like lead

Sorry for the lack of up dates but it was a technical issue out of my control. Well since I posted last I hav gone on a serious down swing. Evertin was going well up until last thursday. Was up $15k for the day when bang i lost 3 $10k pots and a $15k in plo to go from up $15k to down $5k.
I like to play my poker hard and fast, all well and gud when your winnin but can b a bit of a problem when the cars in reverse. I have slapped another $17k of loses on top of the $5k and am now down $28k since I set my new goal. I was up $11k at one stage in it so by my estimates thats a $40k down swing. Not playen my greatest but not playen badly eithier, its just variance.
Left santa b and in Newport now, was playen on goin to the commerce casino but were goin hav to leave it til next week.